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Q What is a Big Band?

It is a style of musical performance, in which about 15~18 players play their instrument together. The basic instruments in a Big Band are the (Alto, Tenor, and Baritone) Saxophone, the (Tenor and Bass) Trombone, the Trumpet, Piano, Double Bass, Drums, and the guitar.


Q What does “the Regular Band” and “the Junior Band” mean?

The Keio University LIGHT Music Society is consisted of two bands. One is “the Regular Band”, and the other is “the Junior Band.”
“The Regular Band” mainly consist of students in their Junior and Senior years. This is the band that represents the LIGHT and plays in requested events and Big Band competitions. The members are selected in Auditions held few times a year.
“The Junior Band” is the band consisted of students in their freshman and sophomore years. All the freshmen are put into the Junior Band first, to learn the basics of Big Band through playing in the band in aim of getting selected eventually as the member of the Regular Band.


Q Will the band accept a beginner in Jazz?

Of course! Actually, most of the members had never played Jazz until they became college students. There are pretty many members in the band that had never even listened to jazz!


Q Will you accept a beginner in instruments?

Of course!!! The elder members will teach you how to play instruments from A to Y. (You will have to learn the Z yourself though!) We have couples of freshmen a year who start playing instruments from college, and many of them become as good as or even better than the experienced in time, depending on how hard they practiced.


Q When is the practice held?

The Regular Band has ensemble practice every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 18:00~20:00.
The Junior Band has it on Wednesday 18:00~20:00 and Saturday 14:00 ~ 17:00.
The ensembles are basically held at Mita Campus.

The members are also given the opportunity to practice from 9:00~21:00 in practice rooms every day in both Hiyoshi and Mita Campus. Many of the members practice in their extra time between classes.


If you have any other questions about the LIGHT, please feel free to write to us from the Contact page. Our manager will sincerely answer to your questions.


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