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Requested Performance

We present you the fascinating, traditional Jazz sound of LIGHT

with more than 60 years of history.

The Keio University LIGHT Music Society has been playing in gigs ever since its establishment in 1946 and have always received good reputation.

Requests we receive varies from playing the BGM for company events and parties to performance in ceremonies such as wedding. We are capable of performing in different styles in answer to the clients’ requests.

If you want to request our performance, or have any interests in our gigs, please contact our manager from the Contact page. 

(If you have any questions about our available tunes or styles of performance, the charge, or anything else, please feel free to do the same.)


Styles of Performance

The Basic styles for requested performances of LIGHT is the “Big Band”, and the “Combo”. 


 The Big Band


This is the fundamental style of LIGHT’s performance. 15~18 players play different instruments to present you a strong Jazz sound. It is also a kind of Dance Band which has long been loved by many since the days of LIGHT’s establishment.


Many tunes are available in this style, from traditional Swing Jazz music composed by great musicians such as Glen Millar, Duke Ellington and Count Basie to Latin music such as “bossa nova” and also recently written Contemporary Jazz music.

We are also capable of playing other kinds of music such as the Pop or Fanfares if requested.

We could also share stages with other vocalist or musical players with rehearsals arranged beforehand.


The Combo Style


This style is played by 4~6 players. You can enjoy a relaxed jazz sound with the least space taken for the band setting. It is recommended for BGMs of occasions such as dining parties.

The available tunes will mainly be the Jazz Standard.


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